This course is appropriate for first time users of a word processor or users transferring from another word processing package. 

It is recommended that the attendee has basic keyboard skills and a good working knowledge of Windows.


  • Create regular business correspondence

  • Create, save, and revise documents

  • Use timesaving features
  • Use editing techniques
  • Set and work with tabs
  • Create envelopes and labels
  • Format with borders and shading
  • Create bulleted and numbered lists
  • Use keyboard shortcuts
  • Use the spell checker

Requires Windows Basics skill level.


  • Modify and create your own styles to speed editing and  text alignment
  • Control your document with page & section breaks, columns & column breaks
  • Use headers & footers
  • Create and update a Table of Contents
  • Use tables to provide flexible ways of presenting data
  • Efficiently edit and format tables and forms
  • Sort & manage information in a Word table


Requires Word Basics skill level.

Duration:  3 hours each

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