This course is appropriate for business managers, accountants, service professionals, support personnel, and anyone who is involved in the management of information. The course is for attendees who want to recognize and use the capability of up-to-date information management systems.

Attendees should have basic keyboard skills and a good working knowledge of Windows applications.

Access is a series of four classes: Tables, Queries, Reports and Forms. You need to sign up for all four of the classes, whether all at once or individually, in order to fully understand Access and how to use it.


  • Basic Access concepts and overview of capabilities
  • Create tables for existing and new data
  • Use data in Microsoft Excel to prime the database tables
  • Expand beyond default wizards to build more complex tables using validity checking, default field values and table relationships
  • Create a simple database consisting of several tables, queries, forms and reports

Requires Windows Basics skill level.


  • Rearrange, select and sort table information to provide different views of the data
  • Link related tables
  • Generate summary information
  • Generate cross tabulated queries
  • Generate parameter and action queries

Requires Access Tables skill level.


  • Create and modify custom reports which reflect your data
  • Create reports which group and subtotal information in an understandable manner
  • Create calculated fields along with report headers and footers

Requires Access Queries skill level.


  • View and enter data into tables
  • Create and modify custom forms which best reflect your data
  • Use controls
  • Look up tables and calculated fields

Requires Access Reports skill level.

Duration:  3 hours each
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